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Women Beware Women Shows The Dark Side of Women | Arts | The Harvard Crimson

Livia, a twice-widowed gentlewoman of the Florentine court, at first appears merely to be the kind of supplementary female facilitator on hand to offer advice to lovestruck youngsters, or to be confided in by unhappy brides. But Livia sticks up for her niece, insisting she be given at least a look:.

When he confesses a sexual attraction to Isabella, she instantly devises a plan to aid him in his incestuous designs. But Mr. Berger springs a nifty surprise.

Why should these pretty schemers allow the playwright who created them to get the last word? Presented by Red Bull Theater, Mr. Berger, artistic director; Lonnie Cooper, managing director. At the Theater at St. Disconcertingly at first, this protean person is alternately played by both male and female performers.

But before [ Sykes is currently appearing in another pop [ While there have been many adaptations [ The play opens April It turns on the story [ You will be redirected back to your article in seconds. For those unable to choose between the two, there's Red Bull Theater's adroit, opulent staging of Thomas Middleton's scandal-encrusted Jacobean revenge tragedy, "Women Beware Women" -- one of the writer's most confounding, ambiguous plays.

Women Beware Women

Nothing more than a multi-level platform painted to resemble cobblestones, the stage is entirely devoid of furniture or props. It is the perfect setting for a two-and a half-hour play laden with treachery, deceit, romance and tragedy. Women Beware Women is an entertaining excursion through the darker side of human, and more specifically female, nature. Kate Powell GSAS is riveting in the role of Livia, the evil-hearted, self-centered perpetrator of much of the conflict that exists in this complex, somewhat scandalous production that was performed last weekend at the Loeb Experimental Theater.

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Written by Jacobean playwright Thomas Middleton in the early 17th century, Women Beware Women might seem at risk of being somewhat out-of-date: the tricky iambic pentameter of the dialogue and rather archaic betrothal practices are more reminiscent of Shakespearean times than they are of modern day America. However, the production is at times so wicked, so sensationalist think lots of incest and death , that the audience can't help but be captivated.

Whether it be the orgy at the end of the first act or the well-choreographed but comedic swordplay that results in death and still more death, this show is, if nothing else, entertaining.