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BACH, J. Adagio Allegro ma non tanto Andante Allegro moderato Perkola, Mikko , viola da gamba.

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Allegro Sonata Fugue Fugue, "Thema all'imitatio Gallina Cuccu" Vivace Total Playing Time: Composition Title. Disc Title. Catalogue No.

Viola da gamba Sonata in G Minor, BWV 1029 (Arr. for Cello & Piano) : II. Adagio

The sonatas have the usual texture of Bach's instrumental sonatas, with two upper parts supported by a bass part, the form familiar from the organ Trio Sonatas , BWV The first of the set, the Sonata in G major , BWV , is seemingly based on a supposedly earlier work, the Sonata for Two Flutes and Continuo , BWV , and it is conceivable that the other two sonatas had their origin in earlier works.

In four movements, the first of the group opens with the theme for the viola da gamba, over a bass pattern that is repeated with the entry of the subject in the upper register of the keyboard and in the dominant key.

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The imitative interplay of the two upper parts continues. The second movement introduces the theme in the harpsichord, before its appearance, in the dominant, in the bass viol.

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The two upper parts continue in imitative entries in the Andante and the final Allegro moderato. In the Sonata in D major , BWV , the bass viol introduces a thematic fragment that is imitated by the harpsichord, and the following Allegro has the two upper parts entering together, with more obvious imitation in the second half of the movement, in which the harpsichord is allowed to fill out some of the textures.

Sonatas for viola da gamba and harpsichord (Bach) - Wikipedia

The Sonata in G minor , BWV , starts with a Vivace movement in which the subject that forms the substance of the movement is entrusted first to the bass viol, impelled forward by its lively figuration. Although it is specifically designed for the organ, two manuals and pedals, it lends itself to performance by bass viol and keyboard, as, indeed, do the six organ Trio Sonatas , BWV , to which this work is akin.

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The Trio in G minor , BWV , generally rejected from the Bach canon in this form, was taken, as an organ trio sonata movement, from the second movement of the Cantata Wo gehest du hin, BWV , written in Leipzig and dating from The three instrumental lines accompanying the Adagio tenor aria 'Ich will an den Himmel denken'are there allotted to oboe, violin and continuo. The Sonata in A minor , BWV , dates from the first decade of the eighteenth century and was at one time thought to be an arrangement of a sonata or concerto movement for a solo instrument and continuo by another composer, a supposition based partly on the full texture of the first six bars, and the partial figuration of the bass that follows.

Marked Allegro , it ends with a brief flourish followed by an Adagio final cadence. The Sonata in D major , BWV , has been dated to the earlier years of the eighteenth century and comparisons have been drawn with the programmatic Capriccio sopra la lontananza del suo fratello dilettissimo , BWV , which presumably marked the departure of Bach's brother Johann Jacob for service in the army of Charles XII of Sweden, Bach's Toccatas and the sonatas of Kuhnau.