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That the delicate balance of skepticism, curiosity and conviction can often be rewarded if correctly executed. Can you describe your typical day at CFRA? What makes your days at CFRA different than other jobs you have had? At CFRA, your opinions and suggestions go further, which was something I had not experienced when working at larger corporations.

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Paula Ruohoranta. You always hear how first impression is the most important one. We had extremely tight deadline and very complex proposal to make. I was new, nobody knew me and I needed a lot of support. I am still amazed how everyone came together to help. Every department pitched in and went for that famous extra mile to meet the deadline.

Still today, there is not a one single person I could not reach out to if I need help.

In essence, that is what makes CFRA special. Everyone shares the same values and is dedicated to the mission. No egos, no politics. This is a first for me. Ahmad Halim. Having worked with a large multinational corporation for close to a decade, I can testify that CFRA feels a lot more close-knit, where what each and every individual does is important and plays a part in the overall direction of the business.

As we continue to grow, I believe it is very important to maintain this aspect of who we are. Even after being in research for close to 15 years, I'm happy to find that there will always be new things to learn on a daily basis, new ways of doing things, new challenges to tackle, whether strictly in research or in the day-to-day management of CFRA Malaysia.

I think the degree of freedom and flexibility in conducting research, coupled with the emphasis on integrity, performance and excellence, provides a healthy working environment which encourages collaboration, analytical rigor and a continuous drive for incremental improvement, while remaining cognizant of the need for work-life balance. Enitan Adebonojo. Bespoke Research Rockville, MD. Clients…Helping clients uncover risks in their investment decisions and thereby save money.

It is really fun to uncover situations where management of public companies are trying to mislead investors. People…I enjoy the work that I do, but more importantly I enjoy working and collaborating with our team. Director of Finance Charlottesville, VA.

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There are numerous things, but one that stands out to me is the people. As a smaller company, everyone is willing to wear whatever hat is needed on any given day and do it well. I like the relaxed atmosphere combined with the fact that everyone is willing and able to buckle down when necessary.

A couple items. First, I really am thankful to be able to apply my education directly into my work. That has not always been the case in my career. I work more closely with the senior management team on a more consistent basis. The insight into corporate strategy, goals, and performance has been welcome from a knowledge, understanding, and alignment perspective.

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Aaron Ho. Having flexibility at CFRA allows for creativity and idea generation. We get to explore deeper dimensions while conducting research and see the unseen. The freedom I have at work is exchanged with self-discipline and independence which allows me to be inventive. I appreciate life-long learning, which the company provides. It is satisfying to connect the dots and make actionable conclusions, to maneuver through the ever-changing financial world. There is no typical day here. Inspiration and information come at anytime and anywhere and when it does, I let it sink in, and then I begin to filter and retrieve the essence.

My highest responsibility is to meet my goals and deadline so that our clients receive that best independent research every time they read. Camilla Yanushevsky.

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CFRA is independent and objective. We are not swayed by banking and trading relationships. My favorite part of the job is authoring thematic research. A typical day starts out catching up on news for my coverage universe. From there, the days can diverge from updating models and authoring research notes reflecting breaking news events, to writing thematic research and Industry Surveys.

Colin Zimmerman. Employees take pride in their work and everyone has the opportunity for their voice to be heard. CFRA places emphasis on independence and integrity, keeping ethics at the forefront of the business. The quantitative team is a close-knit group; we are always working together to improve our process.

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In addition to collaboration, my position gives me the leeway to explore an interesting topic and propose new methods to implement in our models. Whether it is exploring a new method or working to improve an old process, each day can hold something difference. Ashley Parker. Our entrepreneurial environment is advantageous and allows for us to be client focused.

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The people at CFRA are great to work with, and our research is unique. Some activities happen daily, but many are client-focused or project-based, providing variation over time. Nicholas Rodelli. CFRA has a deeply-ingrained culture of independence, analytical rigor, and intellectual curiosity. Being part of that tradition is a privilege and is a reminder, every day, of the significance of our individual and collective efforts. In my life i bought 2 houses and renovated them both.

Pretty safe investment in terms of locations.

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Should i sell 1 house in favor of having more cash to invest k approx or just sit tight in your experience? I have a question. I am 45 years old and have about K in savings total. I own my own business so my income is not really set per say. Also I have just gotten married and my wife makes 50K per year, so in a way I am supporting 2 people now at my present life style.

She maybe has 14K in a IRA. In the past I never worried about a set amount for savings as I made enough to just put away a lot of money. My thought was to put around K per year total from here on out into savings. Does that seem to be enough?