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Incidentally, the biscotti gifts were a smash hit. We had planned to eat dinner at the Grand Central Oyster bar, one of our favorite old-timey haunts decorated in mahogany and brass. I also programmed a reminder in my Google calendar.

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Overall, the notebook hack was helpful. Seeing projects broken down into steps and understanding what I needed to do each day was an incredibly useful way for me to organize my time, particularly during what was a really hectic December filled with parties, gift errands, traveling, seeing family and irregular business hours. I felt awful. Hearing this was a wake-up call. My next big deadlines are Jan. Takeaway: Productivity is important. But so are your family and friends. Write them into your notebook if you need to. Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

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Image credit: Marla Aufmuth Getty Images. Carolyn Sun. Presented by. The bright green spiral notebook named "Sheryl" that serves as mission control for all my to-do lists. Reached out to the Quebec Director of Civil Status to get confirmation on the form to be be filling out for a copy of my birth certificate, and I forgot about the language barrier. This is a mock-up of what I began to do by Week 2. Now I use it every day and it doesn't feel like a chore, plus I have started developing my own aesthetic without even trying. Like a gratitude log, or a mood tracker, exercise tracker This way you can jot down only the highlights of things and keep track of how your year is going.

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It will take less than a minute to tick off the most applicable column in your journal. I also make fun lists favorite movies, bucket list, etc. A lot of the time I see something cool to put in my journal, but I realize it won't actually help me. Though there are times I add loose paper because something took up more space than I thought it would.

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Be creative and have fun, don't make it feel like an obligation. I like to at least write out my schedule for the next day every night so that I can keep on top of things. This should be a time of creative exploration, not frustration! Writing prompts in general are great for adding even more creativity to your journal.

Embrace your brain and yourself and let it be what you need it to be, not what Pinterest says looks nice. Posted on February 22, , GMT. Jarry Lee. And when the gigafactory comes on line in , Tesla hopes the economies of scale will drive prices down to a point where home batteries entice a lot of people. Or the airplane. Or even anything from the gee-whiz world of electronics. The electrical grid is the aorta of modern civilization — the channel that brings power and light to virtually every family and factory in the developed world.

But it does have a fundamental flaw.

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  5. Power, in other words, is tailor-made for the moment you need it. Grid operators are constantly ramping generators up or down to ensure supply meets demand. Entire power plants remain idle for much of the year, called into service only when people reach for their thermostats — during a heat wave or a polar vortex, for example. No wonder, then, that batteries represent a potential paladin for the electrical grid. Grid-scale batteries would give utilities an emissions-free, easily dispatchable way to store energy that can be summoned during moments of surging demand.

    To some, batteries could do to electricity what refrigeration did to our food supply and storage tanks to our access to water. Inspired by aluminum smelting, he and his students have developed an all-liquid-metal battery that packs a bigger punch than lithium-ion and — most important — does so over a longer life span.

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    In , Sadoway and David Bradwell, one of his students, cofounded a company called Ambri with the intent of commercializing the technology. Count Microsoft founder Bill Gates among its investors. Later this year, Ambri is launching two pilot projects, and it eventually hopes to sell its modular battery packs to utilities, hospitals, and other groups that could benefit from large amounts of on-demand electricity.

    Argonne National Laboratory is a staple of postwar American science. Nuclear power has its origins here. They worry about dependence on oil from unstable foreign governments. They worry about smog-choked skylines and emissions that trap heat in the atmosphere.

    But instead of inventing a better solar panel or wind turbine, one team at Argonne is looking for energy solutions in better batteries. But if the center meets its mark, he says, it would do to energy what social media has done to information and communication. PhD-enabled chefs cull ingredients from the periodic table to design recipes steeped in the fundamental laws of the universe. Take a pinch of manganese, add a dash of nickel, stir in cobalt, bake at degrees for 30 minutes — and hope what comes out will help change the future of the world.

    Even so, the basic science of batteries is simple. When a battery is used, the anode releases positively charged atoms called ions that travel across the electrolyte to the cathode. The cathode then attracts negatively charged particles called electrons that flow through an external circuit, bringing to life whatever device is connected. When a battery is plugged in to recharge, the ions flow back to the anode, converting electric energy back into stored chemical energy.

    Croy says. The first lead-acid battery came 60 years later and still serves as the energy-storage device in most cars. Zinc-carbon batteries powered early hand-held devices in the first half of the 20th century. The rise of alkaline batteries paved the way for better-performing flashlights, remote controls, and portable electronics in the s. Now JCESR is looking beyond lithium ion to find the next breakthrough in battery science — in different ions, new chemical reactions, and unique battery structures.

    It won the favor of wealthy Wall Street types think Gordon Gekko , but it was impractical for a general public that made do with landlines and, in some cases, car phones. At the time, no one could be certain portable phones would ever make sense for the average consumer.

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    Today, the battery finds itself at a similar juncture. True, the battery has been around for a long time and already powers everything from laptops to cordless screw guns. But the question is whether the next generation of batteries will be cheap enough and have enough storage to make the electric car and home energy systems as omnipresent as the iPhone.

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    But a transition has already begun to some sort of new Eveready future, judging from the amount of money and intellectual power flowing into next-generation batteries. And it is the next generation of thinkers fathoming the unfathomable that keeps Sadoway mixing exotic battery brews for his company in Marlborough and teaching in classrooms in Cambridge. Already a subscriber?