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The Saga of Spyro-Verse - Lady Valentina (OC)

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    I am who I am, and I love it! Name three things and say why you would picked them.

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    Last two questions…. Thank you so much, Valentina, for being the first mover of the series and taking the time to stop by.

    Now, we know a lot more about what you live and love. What to do with the life kit now that you no longer have to die? The story-monologue, only in the end, will reveal its business gear: the whole text is nothing but a huge sales strategy, a tale for the promotion of the funeral company, BBB trumpet of the Lord. The siblings brother M and sister B investigate a reality that deprives them of the possibility of a unified understanding, a reality that does not allow them a common view. Both of them struggle, using words, to put something back in place, to give a pacified role within a history of conflict.

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    At the end, each of them will have drawn their own path of existence, without knowing how to include the other. However, this effort, this encounter and understanding attempt, will be presented as a germ, a possibility, a brotherhood hypothesis: a proximity, a communion or something that unites but, at the same time, equally strong, separates. Unable to display Facebook posts.

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