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Following the assessment, the council will decide either of the following:. You can give up ownership of your dog but you cannot be forced to.

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If you do, your dog could be destroyed without a court order. This exempts the dog from the ban as long as the exemption conditions are met.

In these circumstances you have two months to show that the exemption conditions have been met. Then you can apply for dog a licence from the council. If the exemption conditions are not met, it is likely to lead to the destruction of the dog concerned. Where a dog has been exempted from the ban on certain dog types, it is still an offence to breed from that dog, advertise it for sale or exchange, or transfer its ownership without informing the council. Share this page.

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For queries or advice about careers, contact the Careers Service. Your search item. The Dog Transfer and Import Restrictions Act prohibits the import or transfer into Germany of certain breeds of dog and crossbreeding of these dogs with one another, or with other breeds.

Some of the most popular dog breeds in the US are now banned from flying with United

Neither may dogs of other breeds or crosses of these breeds be imported or transferred from abroad if the regulations of the federal Land in which a dog is to be permanently kept presume it to be dangerous. Provisions imposed by individual states. Information about entry with pets. A dog that is classified as dangerous may be imported where it is returning from a period abroad and being transferred back into the Land in which the owner has an authorisation to keep the dog.

Similarly, dangerous dogs which are to be kept as service dogs by public services or armed forces as well as guide dogs, dogs accompanying the disabled and dogs of disaster and rescue protection services may be imported.


In both cases, the dog owner must show the appropriate documents for example: a pedigree certificate, a vaccination certificate, a character test certificate, other certificates from the competent office of public order on entry, and so provide proof that the dog is the one for which the authorisation has been issued. If the dog is a working dog, it must be shown that there is a certificate describing the purpose for which the dog is kept. The originals of the documents must be presented. In these cases it is absolutely essential that the owner possesses the documents necessary to verify the animals for example: a pedigree certificate, a vaccination certificate, a character test certificate, and other certificates from the competent office of public order.

But the argument around dangerous dogs isn't a new one. Dogs through the ages The Romans used dogs as "weapons" as well as sentries and on patrols but also kept them as pets. More related stories Plan for compulsory dog insurance. More warnings on dangerous dogs. Image caption Bloodhounds were originally bred for hunting deer and wild boar. Image caption Rottweilers were originally used to herd livestock and pull meat carts to market.

This Is the Most Commonly Banned Dog Breed in the U.S.

Image caption This is the type of image of pit bull terriers often shown in online news reports. Image caption The Tosa was bred as a fighting dog in Japan and was hugely popular in the s and s. Image caption Dogo Argentino was bred for big-game hunting, including wild boar. Image caption Staffordshire bull terriers have been given a bad press but are usually extremely affectionate towards their owners. Image caption Vladimir Putin owns a Japanese akita bottom which is a banned breed in Ireland. Related Topics Life Animals Dogs. Most Popular 1.