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One of the most compelling lithographs shows lightning bolts striking a sea of red waves and pyramids, symbolizing the parting of the Red Sea during the Exodus and the spilling of blood during the Holocaust. While each lithograph is somber in tone, says Dieringer, when taken collectively, they tell another story: of embarking on a dark journey and arriving at a place of hope for the future. Seen as a whole, the work sends a message that by remembering a past scarred with oppression, an emotional and spiritual liberation is possible.

As the Holocaust recedes into history, she says, it becomes increasingly imperative to remember the six million Jews who died in the ghettos and camps. It needs to be asked. The Wolloch Haggadah is a show that speaks to all people, Dieringer says, regardless of their faith.

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Chapter 8 Music. Chapter 3 - Music. Chapter 4 - Music. Chapter 5 - Music. Chapter 6 - Music. Chapter 7 - Music. Chapter 8 - Music. Chapter 9 - Music. Chapter 10 - Music.

D Reviews. A powerful reminder that the impact others have on us remains after their death. Zichronam Livracha We are blessed remembering you. Drawn from traditional liturgy, the music and English words for this song were written by Anita Schubert. Melody: Ben Zion Shenker. The traditional text asks for peace for us and for all Israel.

We add the phrase v'al kol yoshvei tevel and all who dwell on earth as a reminder that until there is peace for all, there can be true peace for none. Melody: Spanish Portuguese.

Hillel House exhibition links Exodus and Holocaust

El Nora Alila p. God who does wonderously. Knowing that the day is drawing to a close, this Sephardic piyut is sung at the start of Neilah, giving us one more opportunity to pray for God's pardon. Piyyut composed by Moses Ibn Ezra, 11th century.

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Melody: Sephardic, Mizrachi communities. Music by Ilene Safyan. Shema with 3 parts p. This verse, combined with Baruch Shem Blessed is God's glorious name forever and Adonai Hu HaElohim Adonai is God are the final words of the deathbed confessional in Judaism, and thus they are the last words recited at the Neilah service on Yom Kippur, just moments before the Shofar is blown. Judy Ribnick learned it years ago at Elat Chayyim. Shema at Neila p.

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It is sung to a traditional Ashkenazic melody. Shema at Neila. Adon HaSelichot This melody comes from Moroccan tradition.

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  • Adon HaSelichot. Collect Into One Collect into one your hopes and your dreams. Collect into one your destiny. Collect into one all that life brings.

    Bring us in peace from the four corners of the earth. Music and lyrics by Craig Taubman. Collect Into One.

    Eilecha Before You will I plead. Hear me, Adonai; be gracious. Be my help". Hashiveinu Yah p. Return to us God, and we shall return. Melody: Shefa Gold. Hashivenu Yah. Seeing Your strength and Your glory. My spirit thirsts for You, my flesh yearns for You. Ken BaKodesh. Lev Tahor Do not take Your holy spirit from me. Olam Hesed Yibaneh Rewrite Sanctuary O Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuary pure and holy tried and true in thanksgiving I'll be a'living sanctuary for you.

    Text taken from Psalm and Exodus Music and lyrics by John W. Taken from the book of Isaiah, these welcoming words are a part of the Haftorah for Yom Kippur, and they are the first words we see in our Machzor, Lev Shalem. It is our hope and prayer that the services we share at the Park Slope Jewish Center will be welcoming and full and filled with Shalom for those who easily walk into our doors and those whose journey here has been long and difficult.

    To those who have come from afar and those who are close by, we say "Shalom, welcome". These words are set to a majestic and beautiful Sephardic rendering of Shirat Hayam the Song recounting the Crossing of the Sea of Reeds following the Exodus from Egypt. Shalom Shalom LaRachok. These words "God is in this place" are drawn from the Book of Genesis when Jacob awakens from a dream and says: "Behold, God was in this place, and I, I did not know.

    This song is an affirmation that if we look closely enough, we will see that indeed God's presence is here, in this place, within these people. Yesh Adonai Bamakom Hazeh. Shema with 3 parts. All is revealed and known to You. Achat Shaalti -- p. Achot Ketanah The words are a reminder of our own smallness and mortality in comparison to the greatness of God. The popularity of Aleinu resulted in its use at the conclusion of each service although this prayer was actually created specifically for the Malchuyot service of Rosh Hashanah.

    In this context, Aleinu gives us all an opportunity to prostrate ourselves on the ground, and to pray to God with body and soul as well as heart and voice. This conclusion of Aleinu is popular in Jewish renewal circles. Avinu avinu malkeinu, ein lanu melech elah Ata 2x Anu anu a-me-cha. Our parent, our sovereign, we have no ruler besides You We are Your people; You are our ruler.

    The traditional Ashkenazic High Holy Day evening service melody is sung for Barchu the call to prayer and the first blessing of the Shema. Bishiva shel Maalah. It is transmitted to us by Tova Klein as was sung by her father and grandfather. Down to the River to Pray — Traditional American, circa Duet for Elul. Be my help. Esa Einai Esa Einai II I lift up my eyes to the hills. Haneshama Lach Greeting for ! To you and to all whom you hold dear A happy, healthy New Year.

    May paths of peace throughout the world appear May love and friendship spread far and near to greet with cheer!

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    Haneshama Lach. This melody is a PSJC favorite and wends its way through the service. Hashkiveinu Refrain p. Hatzi Kaddish.