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Please enter a valid email address. Walmart Services. Get to Know Us. Customer Service. In The Spotlight. Shop Our Brands. All Rights Reserved. Cancel Submit. How was your experience with this page? These are things that are used to perfect us. After you have understood this, when you encounter trials, you will know how to pray. You will know what is complaining and what is bearing witness. You will know how to humiliate Satan the devil.

You will be certain about the principles of practice. That is why these words are very important. Do not assume that a surface-level understanding of these concepts is sufficient.

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Do you think this means that you understand the truth? If you do not understand this, when you encounter trials and frustrations, you will not know how to deal with them. You cannot bear witness. If you cannot bear witness, then all you can do is complain to God, resist God or betray God.

Announcing The End

This is a big problem. Christ is the Savior. The Savior is Christ. The Messiah is also the Savior. Why is it that God incarnate can be called the Savior? The key is to understand that He can do this kind of work. When God is in heaven, you can call Him any number of names. If you call Him the Savior, it is not practical. When God is in heaven, He cannot do the work of the Savior.


If God were to do this work, how would He do it? God has to become flesh in order to do it. Once He is clothed in flesh He can express the truth and save mankind. When God is incarnate, He is the Savior. He is the Lord that saves mankind. For example, once people see God incarnate, the first thing they notice is that He looks very ordinary.

The words that He speaks are those of a human language. His habits and customs are also those of a human. This person is the Savior. Christ is the Savior, Christ is God incarnate. He is the Savior revealed. His true identity is the Savior. He is just a normal person. His external appearance, His emotions are all those of a human. He is exactly the same as a human.

This is why I do not call Him God. You do not call Him God, yet He has expressed the way of truth. You do not call Him God, yet He has perfected a group of people and obtained them. Whether or not you call Him God is not important. He has done all these things, and therefore, He is Christ.

Now, what kind of people do not have any notions of Christ? Those who truly understand the essence of Christ. Those who truly see that Christ expresses the way of truth, that what He does is saving mankind, and, in the end, He will get mankind cleansed and saved. These people no longer have any notions of Christ. If Christ were very lofty, too special, who would not believe? By making Christ look very normal, very average, so much so that most people would not even look at Him twice, God has concealed His great wisdom! What kind of wisdom did He conceal? The kind that only those who love the truth and have been enlightened by the Holy Spirit can accept Him.

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God does not let those that belong to Satan the devil easily accept Him. No one who would believe based solely on external appearances will come into His church. This result can be achieved, right? God does not have an arrogant or conceited nature. Instead, He is quite low-key. This kind of disposition cannot be replicated by corrupt people! Could a corrupt person be chosen to undertake the work? Why is this not possible? This would allow Satan to take advantage of the situation, would it not? The consequences would be severe. There can be no other way. Nobody else could replace Christ. This was all preordained and the most appropriate way to carry this out.

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