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I got it in London from Al Saqi bookshop. However, my understanding is that if you are in Sudan and have a kindle, you will be able to get from amazon if it is available. Having said that, I think we need to look into this issue for a future piece for wordsmag. Publishing and the status of it in Sudan is a ripe field for enquiry.

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Al Bawga: Greener than I expected May 29, Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Flint and de Waal will go dozens of pages discussing militia movements and political machinations when suddenly they'll drop a horrifying dose of casual torture mid-paragraph-- a child who was doused in boiling water in front of his mother, a group of women enslaved for sex and cooking and 'housework' for weeks, men hogtied and hung from trees, the impact of tactical starvation of particular regions and peoples.

Because the authors focused on leaders and big figures who are mostly immune to the violence, the examples the authors do give feel out of context, inexplicable, and insane.

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I don't doubt that they are insane, but there's also a logic dictating the depth of brutality, and an explanation of that logic is another important absence in this book. And finally, just a note that I picked this book up as a peripheral read while I interviewed for a post in South Sudan, and while I was reading it I was notified that I was being considered for a different post near Darfur.

Mar 16, Tim rated it really liked it. At the onset, the western press was billing the violence as religious based, or merely as spill-over from the years long Civil War in South Sudan. As the government began enlisting the aid of janjaweed militia to fight armed rebels, it became increasingly hard to understand exactly who was fighting who and why.

Darfur A New History Of A Long War African Arguments

When Julie Flint and Alex De Waal released Darfur: a short history of a long war, I hoped to find a concise account that would put the entire crisis in easy to understand terms for the average reader. By comparison, the chapters on the violence and the recent developments come across as rather thin. Aug 01, Sara rated it liked it Shelves: africa , wars-you-should-know-more-about.

It took me forever to read because it is packed with people, events, and acronyms that kept me flipping back to the glossary several times on each page for example: SLA vs SPLA vs SLA W vs SLA M that said - if you slow down and take the time to absorb the detail this book does do a good job of explaining the roots of this conflict, which is something western news sources fail to do. The best chapters dealt with how anglo- egyptian colonization developed much of the rest of the nation and left Darfur without a even a road to the nearest market, so of course this region is going to attract conflict due simply to the peoples' economic weakness.

Another enlightening chapter was about the Janjawiid and how they are a proxy for Khartoum. I was surprised that China wasn't mentioned in the book since I understand that they have oil interests in the region and I was also surprised at the lack of information about the humanitarian crisis though the authors did do a great job of explaining how governments are manipulating aid and using it as a weapon against those who need it.

If you are looking for a book that explains the major players and political activities that have lead to the crisis then this is it. May 29, Daniel Potts rated it it was amazing Shelves: africa , africa-east , colonialism , history , islam-political , non-fiction , post-colonial , refugees , war. An excellent primer on the genocide in Darfur with a clear analysis of the role of Empire and the processes of decolonization in establishing the relevant factions and patterns of conflict. Particularly well developed are the ethnic disctinctions between the North and South, the varied legacies of British colonial occupation, and the ongoing importance of Saudi support for the al-Bashir regime.

Utterly miserable and persistently horrifying, this is history which comes very close to nightmare. A must-read book for any humanitarian aid worker going or working in Darfur. It's the essential book of intensive Darfur course. Alex de Waal and Julie Flint's first book "A short history of a long war" was my helper to understand the situation in Darfur before I arrived and this new book was the more comprehensive summary of the events unfolded in Darfur and allowed me to understand some of the complex dynamics of Darfur after I left.

I think the book is well researched, well analysed and A must-read book for any humanitarian aid worker going or working in Darfur. I think the book is well researched, well analysed and well written. It's not easy to understand the Sudanese and Darfurian situation, but this book and its predecessor makes it easier to comprehend.

Highly recommended. Jun 20, Lazarus rated it it was amazing. I got this book from the library and it was so good I read thrice. I must have this book in my own personal library. It unpacks a lot of information in a short amount of pages, but it does in such away that holds you. A great and interesting breakdown of Darfur tragedies. Must read playa!!! Rating: 3. It made me feel ill as I read it. Humanity is irredeemable, I fear.

Alex de Waal is one of the foremost experts on the situation in Darfur as it stands. This book is comprehensive and fascinating. I learned a lot about the area before the current conflict, as well as what caused the massacres and bloodshed in more recent years. Highly recommended if you want an overview of the conflicts in Darfur's history, and of what's going on now.

Jan 28, Gina rated it liked it. This book was rough to read. It very much reads like a textbook. Most names were long and difficult to recall, although that can't be helped. I'll be honest in that I wasn't able to retain too much; but, I was able to get a better grasp of the conflict in Darfur.

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