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Accompanying booklet issued in tete-beche format with separate title page for French and English. La Commune was the name given to the revolutionary government established by the people of Paris in This presents an in-depth account of the major characters of the Commune of whose members followed either Louis August Blanqui or the philosopher Pierre Joseph Proudhon.

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The film travels back to and is not only a lesson in history but presents a demonstration of how history is shaped, and re-shaped, by the tellers of the tale. The identity crisis faced by Martinique and the French Caribbean is examined - do they belong to the Caribbean or to the economy of Europe? Skip to main content. Library Home page Menu.

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De Gaulle Rallied France in War and Strove to Lead Her to Greatness - The New York Times

Read more about C'etait de Gaulle, C'etait de Gaulle, Death in the Seine From April, to September, , three hundred and six bodies were taken from the River Seine in Paris where they were cared for by two mortuary attendants who methodically noted down the particulars of each corpse. Read more about Death in the Seine Drowning by Bullets. Read more about Drowning by Bullets. Fireflies Lucioles Children of immigrants fight for an independent outlook that acknowledges their complex origins and multifaceted identities.

Read more about Fireflies Lucioles. Read more about France Under Socialism. I am France: The Myth of Charles de Gaulle At the outbreak of WWI, the Ottoman Empire allied itself with Germany and Austria, a decision that would lead to the final destruction of the Empire and the creation of the modern Middle East, a catastrophy in the sense of re-drawn boundaries which fuel conflicts to this day.

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President de Gaulle

Images de la Revolution Francaise Contains images of the events of the French Revolution from the collections of Bibliotheque Nationale. Read more about Images de la Revolution Francaise La Commune Paris ? Read more about La Commune Paris ? La Grande Illusion The identity crisis faced by Martinique and the French Caribbean is examined - do they belong to the Caribbean or to the economy of Europe? Read more about La Grande Illusion Help Research help Subject librarians Disability resources Contact us.

All rights reserved. This would indicate the Second Armoured Division, which with only one fourth native personnel, is the only French division operationally available that could be made one hundred percent white. I have told Colonel de Chevene that his chances of getting what he wants will be vastly improved if he can produce a white infantry division.

Allied Command insisted that all black soldiers be taken out and replaced by white ones from other units. When it became clear that there were not enough white soldiers to fill the gaps, soldiers from parts of North Africa and the Middle East were used instead. Indeed, the shortage of white French soldiers was one of the reasons for using the 9th Company, of Spanish anarchist and Republican exiles in the mission.

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Black fighters were not just barred from the military operation, some were also rejected from the liberation celebrations. Pictured, above right, is French resistance fighter Georges Dukson, near General De Gaulle during the official celebrations. Dukson had enrolled in the French army in , and lived underground during the Nazi occupation.

He was part of the resistance, and played an important role during the Paris insurrection in , where he was put in charge of the unit for his bravery. He was then promoted to Sublieutenant and was wounded in action when he was shot in the arm. But after being excluded from the liberation, many of them just had to return their uniforms and were sent home. Even the method of repatriation was brutal. In late November, , around former Senegalese servicemen who had been prisoners of war in Europe and had been returned home protested against poor treatment and lack of pay.

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Dozens of them were massacred by French troops , and some of the survivors were subsequently jailed for 10 years. We, the Senegalese, were commanded by the white French chiefs.

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