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Chi ha paura dei classici?

Login Create Account Censimento dei siti web delle biblioteche lombarde. Prima edizione Ridi, Riccardo Censimento dei siti web delle biblioteche lombarde. PDF cens Technical services in libraries, archives, museum. None of these, but in this section. It is true that during the Summer the predominant colour is the white of snow in the blinding light of day. But even when the Sun shines high above its kingdom, those who look further than the end of their nose will see many shades of colour reflected in the personalities of the people who are living this experience.

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The wonder they experience at arrival in the Antarctic dessert and the sadness of departure. Then there are the colours reserved for those who face the Antarctic winter, the first sunset clouds on the horizon are tinged by incredible hot colours. Then comes the night, the darkness, promising a blackness to put fear in us, but also supplying a great spectacle, the stars, the Milky Way and something even more amazing, that my eyes had never seen before.

Concordia in the dark.

Intervento Gianni Lannes - Chi ha paura della Rete?

It is night, the few people around me on the base are in the office, the new kingdom is ruled by the King and Queen of silence. An incredible event is waiting for me out there.

I finish writing some e-mails and decide to go to sleep, but before I do I look out of the window and in the midst of the clear black sky, dotted with a myriad of stars, I see a strange light. A strange cloud that seems to be coloured green, but no… that is not a cloud. There is no time to lose, I run like the wind to prepare. Adrenaline is rushing through my body, my desire to see this show is overwhelming. I catapult through the entrance as I put on my outdoor clothes, my only light is a headlamp I have with me.

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I turn it off and I look up to the sky and there, suspended over my head, is an incredible display, a long and winding trail that extends from the horizon. A green, living, moving thing.

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My visor clouds up and I take it off. I stay there watching that light high-in-the-sky for a bit longer. Once back inside and tucked in under the blankets, all sleep leaves the room and the insomnia of astonishment takes over. I cannot relax after the most incredible view my eyes have ever witnessed, my first Aurora.

Solo tu cugi…riesci a regalarci certe ed indescrivibili emozioni…..

Spygate, Willam Barr e John Durham di nuovo in Italia?

Hey you guys! I wintered in Antarctica last year and I envy you for the experience of polar night. It was one of the most magical times there. Hope all of you have a great and safe winter!! Enjoy the starry skies and the absolute silence of darkness. And of course enjoy your first sunrise in three months! It will be the best thing in the world!

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Hello Antonio, Thank you for telling us about your experiences with the southern aurora. Cercavo in rete un blog di voi invernanti, e alla fine ho trovato questo.