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Children should feel free to play with the toys that most interest them. Let toys be toys — for girls and boys. She told the House of Commons :. Regardless of where I was or the size of the company, it was always a predominantly male, or indeed all-male, environment, but it is only when I walk into a toy shop that I feel I am really experiencing gender segregation. I say over the past three decades, because there was a time when toys were toys and blue and pink were just colours. An Argos catalogue page from shows toy houses, prams and so on all in different colours.

Now they only sell them in pink. Recently, a Lego advert from went viral on the internet because it showed a girl proudly clasping her latest Lego creation.

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None of the text was gender-specific and the girl was actually wearing blue. What happened? This aggressive gender segregation is a consequence of big-company marketing tactics. Of course, that trike cannot be handed over to a brother or nephew, ensuring further sales of blue bikes with Action Man handlebars. She said: "We have some big economic problems, and one is a huge skills shortage in engineering and technology.

There are thousands of jobs going unfilled, and in addition a lot of our engineers are in their 50s and retiring in the next five years. At the same time we have the lowest proportion in Europe of women who are professional engineers. We can't go on with a segregated society. Rear window stickers. Gear knobs.

Rear mirror. Mirror Decoration. Lock knobs.

Valve caps. Dots lights. Licens plate bolts. Girls will be girls Boys will be toys. Not available.

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This value doesn't have the right number of decimals. This value is too small. This value is too large. One of the boys, envying the comfort-loving Scoutmaster's better bed and blankets, sneaked in after the leader had got up to shower.

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The kid was unfortunately a bedwetter The night before, one of the smart urban kids had sprinkled salt everywhere. This attracted the porcupines, so I woke up to see the little brutes killing the harmless creatures with knives. Quite apart from it being a stupid exercise in brutality, it was illegal to kill porcupines.

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That is why they were protected. But these inner-city specimens of American youth actually chopped down a young birch in order to finish off two porcupines that had escaped.

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I'm surprised they did not burn down the cabin. The poor man, who had no knowledge of woodcraft, could not even protect his possessions from the hoodlums he was supposed to be leading.

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A year later, a friend of mine and I were in the woods, shooting his pump. We ran into my old assistant scoutmaster with two friends, playing with a. When one of them playfully borrowed the.

My friend and I had never witnessed such citified stupidity in our young lives. A few years after that, in South Carolina, I had a friend whose father was a Scout leader.

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This was just before he got sent to jail for writing bad checks. I do not say all Scouting leaders are of this type, but I will say that I do not much trust grown men who want to spend time with boys. In some cases, of course, fathers in a community accept such positions as one of their obligations, and if they have woodcraft, they enjoy sharing their skills with their sons and with the sons of their friends. I understand and agree with the ideals of the early Scouting leaders. We have to be good barbarians before we can become civilized, and spending time outdoors is a great antidote to the corruption of urban life.

But, whenever possible, these ideals should be communicated by families and by friends of the family, not by do-gooders who give out medals to boys who help their mothers around the house. The sooner we disabuse ourselves of these socializing illusions and the institutions that perpetuate them--the Scouts, YMCA, youth groups at church--the better off our children will be. Mencken was wrong about many things, but his contempt for the YMCA was entirely justified. Only in America could religious conservatives not see through these illusions and wish to protect their children from the Scouts.