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I left U.

Sometimes the best company is yourself

After that I moved to the UK where I established my current life. Then when we got to be back together we were preparing everything for the baby to come. During all those months we had to figure out all the visa bullshit and plan how we can be safely and legally together. I felt well for most of the time. My life is gonna change so much since we not gonna be just in 2 now, but in 3.

To visit all those places in such a short time we had to manage to go through many sleepless nights or charge battery by sleeping on buses or planes. However, this adventure was definitely worth it!

Go From Boring Meet and Greet to Lasting Friendship - Even If You Hate Small Talk

During one Sunday morning he told me to take a seat as he got something prepared for me. It was so wonderful, I could just sit and relax while he was doing all of the job. So I wanted to do this kind of makeup that makes my eyes look bigger, like anime style.

This is perfect makeup for photo session or streaming as it looks cute in camera, however, I do not recommend it for face-to-face meetings. If you feel really fancy then order some colorful lenses and add to boost the look.

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Once I added the purple ones and that was the effect:. So to get this look I started from primer and foundation.

Alone Yet Not alone _ Joni Eareckson Tada - Worship Video with lyrics

For the powder, I use transparent one I got in my boxy charm subscription Boxy Charm finally came! After those steps I use white pencil.

alone, but not lonely

I usually find it hard to find the pencil that really leaves nice white color on. However, lately I found the perfect one NYX brand that gives really intense white, so I recommend for people trying to obtain the most dramatic look.

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Those are next products I used:. I picked my favorite pallet. As next step I added eyeliner. It has a thin soft brush so it bends depending on your eye shape. At that point my makeup looks around that:. After that step I used eyebrows pencil as my eyebrows are not thick enough on their own. At the end I added finish spray which worked perfect. OK, so officially I have 1 month left till giving birth and honestly, I am really scared.

Alone but not Lonely

They all say about miracle little kicks they feel inside and later in life they miss the feeling so much. Am I a bad mom to think this way? I think I look more bulky than pregnant because my bra size also got really big so it keeps clothes loose on the belly and not that visible. Honestly, I am not sure if I am still stretch marks free due to those tips or due to the fact that my belly is not that big and the skin never was too stressed with rapid growth. My belly was capable before pregnancy to expand to such a size after a huge Christmas meal or other feasts so it was already prepared and experienced similar conditions.

I hope at least in the last week of the pregnancy I will have a chance for that. A situation we consider bad — being alone — is something Christ made a regular part of His life. Rest, instead, in the thought that you are not alone — you are NEVER alone — because God is with you, He hears the cry of every child, and responds to it. Thank you for joining me at Commonsense Christianity, where I am spending this middle part of my life unlearning all the stuff that was crammed into me in my younger years. Sometimes, Normal is Abnormal.

My book encourages individual Christians to be just that — individual Christians who are strong enough to join a group and contribute to it, as opposed to being controlled by it. Once every two weeks I headed to the Mega-Pastor B had some decent things to say about grace, mercy, Alone But Not Lonely.

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